Sonny’s Piano TV – Kohler & Campbell 6’9″ Grand Piano White Gloss 9 years young $9500 – See Vidoe

Kohler Campbell Grand Piano

Kohler Campbell Grand Piano

Click Here To See The Sonny’s Piano TV Kohler Campbell Video Tour

Gorgeous Kohler & Campbell Concert Grand Piano, 9 years old. Mint condition inside and out. Great big grand piano sound and beautiful high gloss white furniture piece. Special order piano, they don’t generally make them this big so owner had to request special order from one of the big NY area piano stores, waited months for piano to arrive. This is the biggest white grand we have ever seen. The bigger the piano the better the sound, so this is not only a gorgeous furniture piece but a great sounding and playing instrument as well.
Originally double this price. Free LI/NYC delivery. All else continental USA only $475. for delivery and set up in your living room. Comes with warranty.
Questions? Call Sonny direct at 631 475-8046.

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