Steinway Piano Model M 1927 Complete Rebuild & Refinish $23,500. Steinway Parts!

Steinway Grand Piano

Steinway Grand Piano

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Magnificent Steinway Model M total rebuild, all new parts, new soundboard, pin block, Steinway hammers, shanks, knuckles, keytops, wippens, action parts, dampers, strings, pins bushings, hand rubbed satin finish. All work done just a couple of years ago. Piano not sold or used since then. We were keeping this gem on the shelf. New M’s go for around $55K.. some would say this is better then a new one. Most Steinway aficionados will also tell you that the pre-WW2 Steinways are better then the ones made today as the cast iron plates were made in the Steinway foundry which they stopped doing after 1945. Another reason is that the wood came from older trees so the wood was thicker, more dense and better for making an instrument. This is one of the reasons why the Stradivarius violins are still considered the world’s best even though they are 300 years old. Questions? call sonny Direct at 631 475-8046. Warranty and Free LI/NYC delivery. All else continental USA only $475.

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