Steinway Piano Model M 5’7″ Signed by Theodore Steinway Refin/Refurbished Beautiful Walnut $15,500 – See Video Tour!

Steinway Model M Grand Piano

Steinway Model M Grand Piano

Click Here To See Sonny’s Steinway Video Tour of This Piano

Steinway Grand Piano Model M 5’7″ 1936, made in the heyday of Steinway manufacturing, recently refinished beautiful walnut, classic, sublime Steinway tone, excellent inside and out, no cracks in sound board. Bridges, pinblock, hammers, strings all superb condition. One owner family. Grandfather bought the piano new, played it lightly, then piano became family heirloom. Signed by Theodore Steinway. Action just regulated and hammers voiced . Comes with warranty. Piano will last indefinitely if maintained and treated well. Free LI/NYC delivery. Shipping to all else continental USA only $475. Questions? Speak to Sonny Direct at 631 475-8046.

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