Piano Yoga Tips By Sonny (VIDEO): Playing Piano For Health & Well Being

Piano Yoga Tips By Sonny: Playing Piano For Health & Well Being


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Sonny demonstrates some fun piano yoga and breathing techniques, and tells a story about the great avant garde music composer John Cage.


Sonny first incorporated the term “Piano Yoga” into his piano teaching and playing approach back in 2004 when he published his DVD Kit which is copyrighted with the Library of Congress in Washington DC, USA. It has a pictorial poster of Yoga Stretching exercises to do while sitting at the piano and a complete video lesson demonstrating these exercises and how to breathe diagrammatically. The entire DVD is filled with techniques and demonstrations of how to use breathing and relaxation to play piano instantly for health  & well being and to enhance piano playing for all levels. This is all combined with an introduction to the chord method; improvisation techniques and playing intuitively tips. Visit http://www.PianoYogaTV.com for more Piano Yoga Tips, videos and free lessons.


Purchase The Sonny Piano Yoga For Health & Well Being DVD Kit at http://www.sonnysplaypianoinstantly.com/


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