Hi-Gloss Cherry Mahogany D.H. Baldwin Baby Grand 4’8″ $3750

D.H. Baldwin Baby Grand 

Hi-Gloss Cherry Mahogany 4’8″


Hi-Gloss Cherry Mahogany D.H. Baldwin Baby Grand 4’8″


D.H. Baldwin Baby Grand Piano made by Samick Piano Company distributed by the Baldwin Piano Company. This one is about 15 y/o. Sweet sounding, pretty baby grand piano. 4’7″, high gloss cherry mahogany. Comes with a warranty. Free LI/NYC delivery. All else continental USA only $475. Questions? Call Sonny Direct at 631 475-8046.      

Sonny’s PianoTV is an all piano content TV channel & Website completely devoted to piano appreciation, information and entertainment. We buy and sell quality, name brand, pre-owned pianos, host a piano wellness and variety TV show, and promote piano playing as means for achieving greater health & well being and getting in touch with your musician within. There’s always something new at SonnysPianoTV.com; interesting video tours of our pianos for sale, guest artists, piano lessons & tips, an upload your own piano playing videos gallery and hours of free piano music to listen to. Visit Sonny’s PianoTV.com Website: http://www.SonnysPianoTV.com 

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