Steinway Grand Piano Model M 1923 Rebuilt/Refinished Satin Ebony FOR SALE NOW $35,000

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Exquisite looking and sublime sounding Steinway M made in the Steinway NYC Factory in 1923 during the “Golden Age” of Steinway manufacturing in this country was completely rebuilt and refinished to the highest level by Steinway master craftsmen it has a new hand-rubbed satin ebony finish new Steinway hammers, shanks, flanges, knuckles, new Alaska Sitka Spruce soundboard, pinblock, new strings, dampers, bushings. back checks, regulated and voiced to concert stage performance level. Warranty

Customized Art Case Steinway “White Driftwood” Grand Piano Model S Hand Painted Original Work of Art, Contemporary Style w/Piano Disc Player System FOR SALE NOW $25,000

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Contemporary custom art case Steinway hand painted “White Driftwood” Baby Grand Piano. Beautiful hand painted design & original work of art. For the contemporary style modern home. Art work & instrument restoration just completed August 2017. Made in NYC Steinway Factory in 1962. Piano has Piano Disc IQ Player System just installed. Comes with iPAD loaded with songs. Let your work of art entertain you with hours of delightful music. Worldwide shipping. Questions? Call Sonny at 631 475-8046 or e-mail at sonny

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Young Chang White Gloss Pristine 5′ One Previous Owner FOR SALE NOW $4500

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Beautiful 1996 white gloss Young Chang 5′ long 58″ wide. One previous owner, very little playing time, piano served primarily as a furniture piece. Has warm, crisp, clear sound and responsive action. Our technicians and furniture people have gone over it and it looks and sounds great.

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THE MILLION DOLLAR STEINWAY A “Prince’s Love Piano” Art Case Steinway Hamburg Model “A” H and Painted “Vernis Martin” Style Totally Rebuilt & Restored Only at Sonny’s Luxury Art Case Pianos!

Only at Sonny’s Pianos!

10% of the final sale price will be donated to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, Long Island Chapter.

Phenomenal Hand Painted, Rosewood Art Case Steinway “A” 6’1″ Grand Piano made in the Steinway & Sons Hamburg, Germany Factory in 1900. We have nicknamed this the “Prince’s Love Piano” because of the Romantic Pastoral Scenes painted on the piano and the “Love Story” that they appear to tell. From what we can determine after it was made this piano was sold and shipped to a Prince in La Tour-de-Peilz, Switzerland. (We totally rebuilt & restored it during the summer and fall of 2015) It appears that after purchasing the piano he commissioned a master artist to create the beautiful custom romantic scenes, which appear to tell a “Love Story”.

It seems that the Prince wanted to immortalize the love between himself and his lover with this masterful work of art. We had an art historian evaluate the paintings and she said, “The paintings on the case are “Vernis Martin” style scenes depicting pastoral scenes of love and romance following the manner of fashionable painters of the mid-18th century, and with gold painted scrolling tendrils and colored flowers and garlands on the case and legs. “Vernis Martin” was an 18th century technique named for the Martin brothers of Paris, who were instrumental in development and refinement of lacquer in the style of Asian lacquer”. The previous owner’s Aunt bought it at the Sotheby’s Auction House in London in the early 1920’s and said it came from the estate of a Prince. Steinway & Sons records confirmed that the piano was indeed purchased by someone in La Tour-de-Peilz, Switzerland. The art historian in her analysis of the piano said La Tour-de-Peilz is a small village on the northern shore of Lake Geneva between Vevey and Montreux. In the late 19th/early 20th century it was a favorite swanky holiday spot for European royalty.

The romantic pastoral scenes seem to convey some kind of love story especially the two lovers entwined on the lid and a younger version of them that are two baby angels also on the lid. The male figure has a crown of garlands and the woman has red hair and fair skin common for people from northern Europe. The piano itself is an incredible instrument probably one of the best and most expensive money could buy at the time. We just totally rebuilt the piano with a new a Alaskan Bouldoc Spruce soundboard and pinblock, new Hamburg Steinway wippens and new Steinway NY hammers and shanks. All new strings and Mapes bass strings. We also put on new dampers, put an age appropriate soundboard decal on the soundboard and regilded the plate. The action was just regulated to concert stage performance level. The tone is a rainbow of sublime tones. We had two professional artists restore the original art scenes and it is just an incredible instrument and work of art. This is truly a one in a million Steinway.

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Art Case Steinway Model “M” Grand Piano Hand Painted Chinoiserie Masterpiece with New PianoDisc IQ Player System! Made 1918. Completely Restored 2016 $110,000.

Only at Sonny’s Pianos!

10% of the final sale price will be donated to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, Long Island Chapter. We just installed a state of the art PianoDisc IQ Player System that runs off an iPAD into this masterpiece so even if you don’t play the piano you can enjoy the sounds of piano music emanating from this magnificent totally rebuilt & restored work of art. We nicknamed this the “GREEN CHI” Steinway because the “Chinoiserie Style” Art landscape scenes painted on the piano are of gardens you would visit in 16th century China to restore your “Chi” or life force energy.

The piano is completely covered with beautiful detailed paintings of rocks (symbolizing mountains which represent “Chi”) gardens, trees, flowers, water, birds, butterflies, fisherman, pagodas, bridges, swans, royal family members, musicians and dancers. The colors used are shades of natural green, brown, red and gold. People in the 1500’s in China would go this this kind of place to get away from the busy city life to restore, revitalize, relax and rejuvenate themselves.

This Steinway M was originally manufactured in 1918 in the NYC Steinway & Sons Factory and was purchased by a wealthy family in Buffalo NY. The family commissioned a master of Chinoiserie art to create the original one-of-a-kind series of paintings on the piano. When Sonny’s Pianos purchased the piano in was unplayable and the paintings were barely visible. It was totally rebuilt by Sonny’s Pianos Technicians during 2016. The art work was painstakingly restored over 9 months by a NYC based Master of “Chinoiserie Style” Art. The incredible detail and beautiful paintings on this piano are nothing short of a masterpiece. Indeed a oneof-a-kind masterpiece. Many of the paintings are embossed or raised thus giving the landscape scenes an in depth 3D appearance. It appears that you are looking into the scenes and can see trees and flowers and people in the distance. We had an analysis of the art work by Asian Art Historian Doctor Ann Barrott Wicks.

The piano was rebuilt with the highest quality materials currently available including new strings, pinblock, dampers and new Steinway NY action parts. It has the original excellent condition set of ivory keys and Steinway soundboard. The action was regulated and hammers voiced to concert stage performance level. Here is some of what the art historian said. “Beautifully decorated. The design elements are inspired by Willow pattern ceramics but they are based on actual Chinese motifs. The scenes on the piano are based on Chinese landscape paintings and gardens. The basic elements of a Chinese landscape—mountains, water, trees, and humans—are meant to convey a microcosm of an orderly world. Traditionally, mountains, the most important element of a Chinese landscape painting, are a source of qi 气 (pronounced “chee”), or life-restoring essence. Chinese gardens are designed as three-dimensional landscapes, where people can go if a trip to the mountains isn’t practical. In a Chinese garden, eccentric rocks represent the mountains. Numerous examples of these rocks are painted on the piano. Wealthy men collected these odd rocks for their gardens; the most famous rocks are from Lake Tai near Suzhou. Thus, the garden is a miniature landscape where one can restore his vital essence.

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Yamaha Upright Model M2F 42″ Walnut 1977

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Excellent condition Yamaha upright model M2F 42″ tall. Made in Japan in 1977. Low mileage, one owner, served primarily as a funriture piece. Very quick, even, responsive action. Pretty walnut grain. Piano very clean insdie and out. Warranty. Delivery local, tri-state area only. Questions? Call Sonny 631-475-8046 or e-mail sonny or see a VIDEO of this piano at Sonny’s website

Ebony Gloss Schumann Baby Grand Piano Made by Samick Excellent Inside & Out FOR SALE NOW $3950

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Great sounding Schumann Ebony Gloss 5′ Baby Grand piano. Piano made by Samick in 1984. Low mileage, served as a furniture piece, great tone and action response. Schumanns were the first Samick Pianos to come into the USA and were distributed and upgraded by Joe Rosen’s Family Melody Music Stores in Patchogue NY during the 1980’s. Joe had retired Steinway technicians work on and suggest improvements and thus a redesign for these pianos and they just kept getting better and better. Perfect candidate for a player system installation. Free LI/NYC delivery. Only $475. most else continental USA. Call or e-mail for further information 631 475-8046 sonny or see more of this piano at Sonny’s website

Yamaha U1 1999 Mint, Pristine, Like New, Gloss Beautiful Exotic “Sapele” Mahogany FOR SALE NOW $5,500

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Yamaha U1 Professional Upright Piano, 48″ exotic, high gloss,”Sapele” mahogany polish. Like New Condition, Crisp Clear Sound. Beautiful grain, rich sounding, lightly used, Features include slow closing fallboard and muffler for quiet playing and a dampp chaser to control humidity. Free LI/NYC delivery. Tri-state delivery only call for price quote. Warranty. Questions Call Sonny at 631 475-8046 or

New Studies Prove Music Better Than Computers at Increasing Early Childhood Development

Neurological Research Publishes New Study Which Suggests That Music Beats Computers at Enhancing Early Childhood Development

IRVINE, Calif., Feb. 28, 1997 — A research team exploring the link between music and intelligence reports that music training — specifically piano instruction — is far superior to computer instruction in dramatically enhancing children’s abstract reasoning skills necessary for learning math and science.

The new findings, published in the February 1997 issue of Neurological Research, are the result of a two-year experiment with preschoolers, led by psychologist Dr. Frances Rauscher of the University of Wisconsin at Oshkosh and physicist Dr. Gordon Shaw of the University of California at Irvine. As a follow-up to their groundbreaking studies indicating how music can enhance spatial-reasoning ability, the researchers set out to compare the effects of musical and non-musical training on intellectual development.

The experiment included three groups of preschoolers: one group received private piano/keyboard lessons and singing lessons; a second group received private computer lessons; and a third group received no training. Those children who received piano/keyboard training performed 34% higher on tests measuring spatial-temporal ability than the others. These findings indicate that music uniquely enhances higher brain functions required for mathematics, chess, science and engineering.

The implications of this and future studies can change the way educators view the core school curricula, particularly since music-making nurtures the intellect and produces long-term improvements. “It has been clearly documented that young students have difficulty understanding the concepts of proportion (heavily used in math and science) and that no successful program has been developed to teach these concepts in the school system,” stated Dr. Rauscher. “The high proportion of children who evidenced dramatic improvement in spatialtemporal reasoning as a result of music training should be of great interest to scientists and educators,” added Dr. Shaw.

Results Reinforce Causal Link Between Music and Intelligence

The research is based on some remarkable studies that have recently begun pouring out of neuroscience laboratories throughout the country. These studies show that early experiences determine which brain cells (neurons) will connect with other brain cells, and which ones will die away. Because neural connections are responsible for all types of intelligence, a child’s brain develops to its full potential only with exposure to the necessary enriching experiences in early childhood. What Drs. Rauscher and Shaw have emphasized has been the causal relationship between early music training and the development of the neural circuitry that governs spatial intelligence. Their studies indicate that music training generates the neural connections used for abstract reasoning, including those necessary for understanding mathematical concepts.

Specifically, earlier studies led by Drs. Rauscher and Shaw reported a causal relationship between music training and spatial-temporal ability enhancement in preschoolers (1994), and among college students who simply listened to a Mozart sonata (1993, 1995). References to these and other findings related to music research conducted worldwide are available at the Music and Science Information Computer Archive (MuSICA) at the University of California, Irvine. For more information and interviews please contact Penny Zokaie, 914-241-9112 or Bob Morrison, 703-648-9440, or access MuSICA on the World Wide Web (

Copies of the published Neurological Research article, entitled “Music Training Causes Long-Term Enhancement of Preschool Children’s Spatial-Temporal Reasoning” (Forefront Publishing, (C) 1997), may be obtained by contacting Mary Rawlins at Forefront Publishing Group, 5 River Road, Suite 113, Wilton, CT, 06897 (Phone: 203-834-0631 Fax: 203-834-0940). For additional information, visit the American Music Conference web site at

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Luxury Art Case King Louis XV Steinway Walnut Model M Grand Piano FOR SALE NOW $32,500

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Elegant, luxurious, art case Steinway M King Louis XV style, hand carved legs, decorative music desk and pedal lyre, beveled lid, beautiful walnut grain and matching bench. Made in 1961, one family owners, lightly played. action just vocied and regulated, our furniture people went over the case and gave it a “French Polis” (multiple coats of hand applied padding lacquer to even out the sheen and bring out the grain). Looks and plays great. Warranty. Nationwide & Worldwide shipping. Questions? Call Sonny 631 475-8046 or e-mail at sonny@sonnyspianos.comElegant, luxurious, art case Steinway M King Louis XV style, hand carved legs, decorative music desk and pedal lyre, beveled lid, beautiful walnut grain and matching bench. Made in 1961, one family owners, lightly played. action just vocied and regulated, our furniture people went over the case and gave it a “French Polis” (multiple coats of hand applied padding lacquer to even out the sheen and bring out the grain). Looks and plays great. Warranty. Nationwide & Worldwide shipping. Questions? Call Sonny 631 475-8046 or e-mail at sonny